Wedding Bells - managing your events

Wedding Bells: Managing Your Events (Part 3)

We’ve talked about managing the people of the wedding and managing the budget for the wedding, but what about the actual wedding celebrations?

There are lots of events surrounding the big event – parties and celebrations and showers and luncheons and more.  I wish I could promise that you have control over that, but you might not.  Especially if your hosts and hostesses are spread out around the country.  When our lives were more local, it was perhaps a little easier.  One combined bridal shower with everyone, perhaps a luncheon on the day of the wedding to make sure the bride eats, and then the wedding.  Now it’s harder with family and friends in all cities and states and countries, and everyone wants to celebrate with you.

I do recommend that you try to keep it “to a dull roar” if you can.  For example, try to make sure that your future mother-in-law doesn’t book a bridal shower on your actual birthday (hypothetically speaking of course).  Maybe instead of a formal bridal luncheon on the hectic wedding day, you simple arrange for a simple sandwich platter at the venue where you and your bridal party are getting ready.

One easy way to keep the cost down, whether for yourself or a host/hostess, is to carefully time the event.  A bridal shower at around 3:00 in the afternoon means you could serve a dessert selection and some punch.  Compared to one at 7:00 in the evening when your guests might expect a more substantial food menu.  And being from the south, I have to admit that potlucks are a favorite event of mine.   I read about the cutest idea that asks all of the guests at the party to bring a “family favorite” to the celebration with a card about the recipe and who it “belongs” to.

Just make sure to balance the “have-tos” with the “want-tos” and do not overextend your obligations.  I know we are tempted to keep everyone else happy but your mental and emotional well-being is important too.

One quick but important note regarding the timing of an event – Please make sure that your bachelor/bachelorette events are not on the night before the wedding.  It’s just not worth it and everyone is better off if you have those parties earlier.

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To stay as organized as possible, I recommend using a planner to keep everything in one place!

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