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What are the tools to get organized?

What tools you need to get organized? What tools do you need to stay organized? It does vary individually, but there are some basics including the whys and hows. Have you ever thought about putting together an organizing toolkit for yourself? I don’t mean a toolkit to get organized, I…

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Advantages of printable planners: The Top Three

Did you know that printables can be your planner’s best friend?  Do you know what the key advantages of printable planners are? Whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly planning, read on to find out the top three reasons why you should consider printable pages for your planner even if…

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The difference between BUSY and PRODUCTIVE

The theme of the month? Productive doesn’t necessarily mean busy and busy doesn’t always mean productive. In Wedding bells: managing your time, we looked at balancing the “have-tos” with the “want-tos”.  This is certainly not just for planning a wedding.  It applies to everyday life too. If you haven’t checked…

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Goal setting for the next year

Hmmm… Goal setting for next year… I am not actually a resolutions type of person (I know, I know).  I think it can be intimidating and can end up being counterproductive when you break the resolution.  Instead, I like to set goals for myself.  If I have an off day…

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