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What is the importance of being productive?

You may ask yourself, why is being productive so important? You’ve probably been told (repeatedly) that being productive is important, but you may not know exactly why. And the answer honestly isn’t that easy, as being productive can affect different parts of your life. So what is the importance of…

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5 Steps to Finish What You Start

Do you often struggle to finish the projects you start, even when you have every intention of finishing them? Are you currently struggling with a specific project (or ten) in your life that you can’t seem to finish? Let me guess, do you have more than a few household tasks…

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The best 5 proactive time management tips

“Proactive time management? That’s crazy talk Lori, I can barely keep up let alone be proactive about things!” But wait, let me help with the 5 helpful tips below! There’s no denying the fact that we live in a ‘pressure cooker’ world with a never-ending barrage of commitments, deadlines, catastrophes…

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To-do List Strategies – the top 7 tips

Did you know that there are to-do list strategies than can actually make your list easier to tackle? There are! Read below for the top seven tips for making the most of your own to-do list. “Plan your work for today and every day, and work that plan.” Margaret Thatcher…

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The difference between BUSY and PRODUCTIVE

The theme of the month? Productive doesn’t necessarily mean busy and busy doesn’t always mean productive. In Wedding bells: managing your time, we looked at balancing the “have-tos” with the “want-tos”.  This is certainly not just for planning a wedding.  It applies to everyday life too. If you haven’t checked…

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