reasons to use a mood tracker

5 great reasons to use a mood tracker

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There are so many aspects of life that you can include in your bullet journal, it’s hard to know which ones are best suited when you start your first bujo! Scheduling and calendaring is the most obvious, whether you prefer daily, weekly, monthly, or some combination. You can track all kinds of financial information such as debt reduction and bill payments; you can track water intake, exercise and sleep; you can track house cleaning chores; you can track meal planning and grocery lists; you can even track yourself!

What??? Track myself???


Personally, I love my mood trackers. I have purchased and created so many different designs to be colored in. Of course, I love to color anyway! But no matter what format you prefer, it is a great idea to track your personal mood(s). Here are 5 great reasons to use a mood tracker! Plus sign up below to access your free printable mood tracker today!

1.With a mood tracker, it is so much easier to see the patterns that develop. Are you more stressed on Mondays? Are you exhausted on Fridays? When you have that information, you can adjust accordingly!

2.If you have an ongoing situation in your life such as chronic pain or recurring migraines, you can track the levels quicker. If you compare the mood tracker with your schedule, you might be able to narrow down some of your triggers.

3.And the reverse is also true! Are you in a better mood when you drink enough water, get a little bit of daily exercise, or do a morning meditation? Knowing the happiness triggers is also important!

4.If you are feeling ambitious, you can track your mood throughout a single day. I did this for a month recently, and discovered my most productive time of day as well as the time when I could most benefit from a break or sustenance.

5.As I’ve said, I love to color! On my mood trackers, I tend to use my least favorite color for stressful days and my very favorite color for content days. What colors would you use to indicate your moods?

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