Wedding Bells - managing your time

Wedding Bells: Managing Your Time (Part 4)

This one is closely linked with the Managing Your Events.  And I want to repeat myself – make sure to balance the “have-tos” with the “want-tos” and do not overextend your obligations.  I know we are tempted to keep everyone else happy but your mental and emotional well-being is important too.

The timeline for everything is important for several reasons:

  • Having schedules and checklists helps keep you on track.  And you don’t have to worry about keeping everything in your head.  Writing it down helps clarify the steps as well as frees your brain for other activities!
  • Schedules and checklists also help keep the expectations realistic – if you forgot that you have a fitting appointment in three weeks, you can check your schedule before you commit to a bridal shower that day.
  • Whether you use an electronic or a printable schedule, it makes it so much easier to share with other folks.  If it’s all in your head, how do you share that?

As you get ready for your wedding, time will move very fast and very slow.  Make sure that your timeline also includes time for yourself.  You don’t want to arrive at the big day stressed out, exhausted, and ready to strangle someone with your veil.  Whatever your self-care looks like, make sure to include it in your schedules.

But I would also like to give you a gentle reminder that you shouldn’t dawdle either.  Even if your wedding date is eighteen months after your engagement, it will truly be here faster that you realize.  If you wait to the very end to schedule key aspects of the celebration, you will be disappointed in what you are able to pull together.

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