organized for healthy living

Organizing for Healthy Living

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So this happens to be the Ultimate Bundle that got me hooked on their products several years ago, and it is still one of my favorites! Every time it comes out, I get my copy as soon as I can. And I know you will want to buy it too!

Look at everything you receive!

For only $37, you can have 43 products right at your fingertips!
> 20 eBooks
> 18 eCourses & Summits
> 5 Printables & Workbooks

These are worth over $1900. And certainly don’t forget those cheat sheets!

Getting organized can include organizing your health. Organization can and should permeate almost every aspect of your life. And the truth be told — without a good grip on your own health, how can you organize the other facets in your life?

  • Have you been trying to organize your home health remedies? Check out the Herbs for the Home: Build Your Own Apothecary by Rachel Silves. It even includes a shopping guide and printable labels! What organizer doesn’t love a good printable label?
  • Lately have you been working on “cleaning up” your food? You could really benefit from Erin Chase’s Intentional Bites Planner: A Meal Planner and Food Journal. It is an awesome, especially if you have been working through some elimination diets.
  • Do you like to set health goals for yourself? You have to check out Your Best Health Journal by Kim Murphy. Setting small daily goals can help you achieve larger health goals and writing them down helps keep us accountable. It also helps to track food and water intake and the effects that has on your overall health.

Oh and let’s not forget those bonuses! As an early-bird bonus, you can get a free Glow Pure Radiance Serum from Orglamix. I’ve already ordered my essential oil trio from Vinevida and my two handmade treats from MadeOn Skincare.

The true beauty of this bundle! Some of the eBooks and eCourses will have a lot of appeal right now, and some won’t. But you can have lifetime access to everything so when things change, you’ll have a bunch of resources available. It’s like your own personal healthy living library! Not to mention, there are 15 resources alone that are worth as much or more than the cost of the bundle itself. So, even though you won’t use every resource in the bundle, it would still be really hard to not save a ton of money anyway.

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to get your copy of all these amazing resources!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

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Have you ever heard anyone talking about this myth called “free time”? I’ve heard rumors about this concept! As soon as I found this Ultimate Bundle deal, I knew I had to get it. Are you juggling a job (or two), a house, a yard, a spouse, young kids, aging parents, dogs, cats, siblings, friends, co-workers, and neighbors? Each of us only has twenty-four hours every day to accomplish what we need to accomplish, including eating and sleeping. And while our responsibilities can be many, we are only one. That’s where productivity comes into play.

Be more productivity today1

Are you ready to be your
most productive???

For only $37, you will get:

  • 16 eCourses
  • 10 Planners
  • 3 Printables & Workbooks

This amazing bundle includes so many topics:
* Goal Setting = 3 resources worth $70
* Home & Family = 6 resources worth $196
* Organization = 12 resources with $260.98
* Personal Development = 4 resources with $630
* Time Management = 4 resources worth $135

I am still working my way through all of the truly inspired resources in this bundle, but these were the first on my list to tackle. The coloring planner is beautiful and the flexible planner can be customized just for your needs.

  • Complete Planning Toolkit by Mim Jenkinson (eCourse worth $37)
  • Fanciful Florals Coloring Planner by JoDitt Williams (planner worth $10)
  • The Flexible Planner 2021 by Jami Boys (printable worth $16.99)
  • Purpose, Planning, and Profits by Amber Temerity Lozzi (collection worth $197)

MY FAVORITE BONUSES – I had to grab these as soon as I had my hands on the bundle. These are only a few of the amazing bonus gifts but who wouldn’t want a great planner or or better email management?

  • The Momentum Planner worth $19.97
  • 2 months free from Stencil Unlimited worth $40
  • $25 credit from SaneBox
  • Printable Sticker Pack from Mim Jenkinson worth $24
where to start decluttering

Where to start decluttering – 31 ways

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Do you struggle with the clutter and disorganization in your home? Do you even know where to start decluttering? Is it hard to find the time to clean it all up?
Are you ready to conquer your clutter for good this year?

I have 31 resources just for you, for under $30. It’s truly an amazing deal, whether you want to take a full inventory of your home, declutter your space and put cash in your pocket, or even create your own organization binder — this is the place for you!

Here’s how it works: My friends at Ultimate Bundles reached out to dozens of bloggers and authors who specialize in decluttering and organization, and got permission to offer some of their best resources at a 95% discount! Plus, they have a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee so you can try the bundle with no risk.
The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is your chance to get 31 resources, that normally cost over $670.34, for only $29.97!

Home Management, Personal Organization, Planners

9 eBooks, 9 ecourses, 7 planners, 6 printables
CYCSB 2021 Logo

Overwhelmed with where to start decluttering?

Try this Starter Kit!

Did you know you have money in your cabinets?

Cash for Clutter

I love The Essential Decluttering Starter Kit printables. It has so much inside this one resource:

  • The Secret to Decluttering Success
  • Step-by-Step Decluttering Instructions
  • Planning Worksheets
  • Decluttering Schedules
  • The Secret to Decluttering Success
  • Step-by-Step Decluttering Instructions
  • Planning Worksheets
  • Decluttering Schedules

After you complete your decluttering goals, one of the great things you can do with the items you’re getting rid of is to sell them!

  • All of the how-tos about hosting a successful Yard Sale, including checklists and even signs to print
  • You can sell your items online and the handy tracker and calendar will help so much!
  • You can also sell on Facebook or on Craigslist

In addition to my favorite products above, I also want to mention a few other amazing products in this super bundle since you know I love my printables and my planners:

  • Declutter 365 Planner Labels – This terrific creator has given us daily decluttering and organization stickers as well as task-specific stickers. You can print and add these stickers into any planner that you currently use.
  • Cleaning Planner Pack – So many printable planner pages! Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, Spring, Declutter List, To-Do list, and even Chore Charts
  • Household Inventory Workbook – This extensive workbook has so much to offer, including suggested lists, a bunch of room by room checklists, and log pages. This is so helpful for your home or renter insurance.
  • Make It Easy Cleaning and Organizing Binder – There are so many checklists to choose from so you can customize your approach and pick and choose what works for you.
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If you’re like me, you want to live in a clean, organized house. You wish you had the peace of mind that comes from tidying up. But when you look at the piles and think about actually decluttering, you start to feel overwhelmed. Make 2021 the year that you CONQUER YOUR CLUTTER!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 20/20 rule for decluttering?

This rule states that if you can replace the item for under $20 and within 20 minutes, it can be safely decluttered. Although I would recommend only using this particular rule for items that you are on the fence about anyway.

What is the 90/90 rule for minimalism?

I actually like this rule better. It asks whether you’ve used the item within the last 90 days or will use it in the next 90 days. If it’s no to both, you can probably declutter it. Obviously this won’t really work for annual decorations such as a menorah or a Christmas tree.

What is the fastest way to declutter?

There are several theories about where to start. You can go room by room or category by category. You can start with the spaces you live in most of the time. Personally, I like to start with a good sweep of the whole house and gathering things that legitimately no longer work. I mean, what am I still doing with them? From there, I check hidden spaces next because chances are that the stuff at the back of the cabinets isn’t getting used at all.

organizing to the next level

Do you want to take your organizing to the next level?

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To start getting organized right now, visit
5 Ways Decluttering Can Maximize Your-Resources!

Good Idea!  Organizing ebooks, workbooks, planners, and more!

Then you have to take a look at this incredible set of resources! My personal favorites are 5 Days of Cleaning Motivation (eCourse), The Essential Decluttering Starter Kit (workbook), and Time Management Freedom (eCourse). As part of my ongoing dedication to organization, I have been devouring these goodies.

The Essential Decluttering Starter Kit workbook is amazing — tips, step-by-step instructions, planning worksheets, schedules, trackers, checklists, motivational cards, and even printable labels! Schedule 1 breaks down different areas of the house into 30-minute blocks. How realistic and doable!

I think that before you can truly organize a space, you have to declutter and clean it out. Instead of buying more Rubbermaid totes to store things, take a look at what you really need to keep and then decide how you want to store the items that remain!

Oh the value!

The contents of this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are unbelievably generous! Let’s talk about the value — $1298.36 worth of products for $29.97. I mean, under $30! I still remember the first bundle I bought and I still use the resources that I discovered.

  • 14 eCourses
  • 9 eBooks
  • 8 printable packs
  • 8 planners
  • 9 workbooks
  • 3 membership sites and summits

Topics include Home Management such as cleaning, decluttering, organization, and decor. For your entire family, there are products especially for your little ones as well as homeschooling, marriage, and parenting resources. To guide your spiritual development, there are also several resources for you and your kiddos.

Oh and one of my favorite parts of an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are the bonus deals! I’ve already ordered my face cloths from By Jillee as well as my Puro Co and MadeOn skincare treats.

So please check out the resources that they are offering. I have taken Personal Time Management courses before, and paid over $100 for the class. Imagine getting a class like that $30! Plus everything else!

If you have any questions about how Ultimate Bundles work, please feel free to drop me a line at And enjoy your new tricks and tips!