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Journaling in June Part #2: Tracking

In addition to being a terrific way to schedule your time, a bullet journal is a great place to utilize all of those amazing trackers.  So very many things can be tracked, it’s hard to know where to start!  From your calendar, to celebrations, entertainment, faith, financial, food, health, hobbies, household maintenance, kids, pets, self-care, to-do lists, and even work.

When I was working on giving up my Dr Pepper habit, I used a water tracker.  It helped me focus on increasing my water intake instead of decreasing my soda drinking.  It was a mindset that really worked!

If you are working on debt reduction, tracking your extra payments to the different vendors can help keep you on track.  You can also keep a list of what bills are due on what days so nothing incurs a late fee.

What about weight loss?  It’s sort of a reversed tracker but it is still a great motivator to see your progress.  If you use it in combination with a mood tracker, you might even be able to pinpoint “high risk” moods or times that could jeopardize your weight loss.

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