Ultimate Productivity Bundle

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

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Have you ever heard anyone talking about this myth called “free time”? I’ve heard rumors about this concept! As soon as I found this Ultimate Bundle deal, I knew I had to get it. Are you juggling a job (or two), a house, a yard, a spouse, young kids, aging parents, dogs, cats, siblings, friends, co-workers, and neighbors? Each of us only has twenty-four hours every day to accomplish what we need to accomplish, including eating and sleeping. And while our responsibilities can be many, we are only one. That’s where productivity comes into play.

Be more productivity today1

Are you ready to be your
most productive???

For only $37, you will get:

  • 16 eCourses
  • 10 Planners
  • 3 Printables & Workbooks

This amazing bundle includes so many topics:
* Goal Setting = 3 resources worth $70
* Home & Family = 6 resources worth $196
* Organization = 12 resources with $260.98
* Personal Development = 4 resources with $630
* Time Management = 4 resources worth $135

I am still working my way through all of the truly inspired resources in this bundle, but these were the first on my list to tackle. The coloring planner is beautiful and the flexible planner can be customized just for your needs.

  • Complete Planning Toolkit by Mim Jenkinson (eCourse worth $37)
  • Fanciful Florals Coloring Planner by JoDitt Williams (planner worth $10)
  • The Flexible Planner 2021 by Jami Boys (printable worth $16.99)
  • Purpose, Planning, and Profits by Amber Temerity Lozzi (collection worth $197)

MY FAVORITE BONUSES – I had to grab these as soon as I had my hands on the bundle. These are only a few of the amazing bonus gifts but who wouldn’t want a great planner or or better email management?

  • The Momentum Planner worth $19.97
  • 2 months free from Stencil Unlimited worth $40
  • $25 credit from SaneBox
  • Printable Sticker Pack from Mim Jenkinson worth $24