my Erin Condren spring surprise box

I am ready for my spring surprise!

As I write this, I am bundled up on the couch in a blanket sandwich (one between me and the couch and another tucked around me). I have just come back inside from freeing my poor car from its terrible ice cage. Now I know that some people live in states where they have this kind of winter every year. But I live in Dallas, Texas! It’s not normal here!

So who else is ready for spring?

Erin Condren is ready!

I can’t wait for my Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Surprise Box!

These boxes are filled with such beautiful treats every time I’ve gotten one.
They are valued at over $80 and only cost $40 plus free shipping. The box will include seasonal exclusives and sneak peeks so that you can plan your bright and beautiful spring.
And they sell out fast, folks! I’ve already ordered mine and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

planner supplies

So many planner supplies!

There is something about that blank planner page that makes me want to pull out my entire sticker collection!

Some pages are better off with a minimalist design, but some just beg for decoration and stickers and gel pens.

Left to right: Coco and Opal from CrateJoy, Erin Condren, Planner Kate from Etsy

  • I fell in love with the Coco and Opal Design Planner Stickers as soon as I opened my first packet! They are a reasonably priced monthly subscription from CrateJoy. The above stickers are from the month of July with a delicious lemonade theme, and I actually laughed out loud at the text stickers on the bottom section of the picture — “Stupid To Do List”.
  • One of the biggest names in personal planners and planner stickers is Erin Condren, and with very good reason. I have not tried her actual planners yet (truthfully, I didn’t want to switch styles mid-year) but I had to try out some of her stickers and accessories. My favorite feature is that a majority of the stickers are customizable. The larger sheets pictures above (the watercolor and the lacy ones) are in colors that I selected. I love that you can coordinate them to your existing color scheme or to the season! The little hexagon ones above are brilliant – they are page markers that wrap around the paper so you can find something quickly!
  • In all honesty, PlannerKate1 is one of the most successful shops on Etsy. I don’t mean the most successful sticker store or planner accessory seller, I mean one of the most successful shops PERIOD. Remarkable! And I just had to try them out. They are mostly designed for the Erin Condren planners (in sticker shape and size) but could be used in just about any planner you have on hand. I tend to use more functional stickers and these certainly fit the bill.

Behold the Erin Condren seasonal surprise box! It seems to have already sold out so I don’t think I am spilling any secrets….

There was so much in this beautiful box that I could barely fit it all in the picture. The fall color scheme is gorgeous shades of navy, purple, and teal with silver highlights. I always appreciate silver highlights over gold but that’s just a personal preference.

  • Padfolio Set *sneak peek* – navy vegan leather containing two to-do list pads and one weekly calendar pad
  • 2-pack of folded paper ornaments *sneak peek* – haven’t opened them just yet but can’t wait to hang them in my home office
  • Hexagon Sticky Note pack *sneak peek* – who can’t use pretty sticky notes in their planner, on their calendar, on the fridge at home, anywhere really
  • 3-piece ballpoint pen set *sneak peek* – three pens in purple, navy, and teal (please note that the ink is a smooth black ballpoint)
  • 2 sticker sheets *exclusive* – I love the fact that these fall leaves aren’t the normal fall colors of orange and yellow
  • Interchangable covers *exclusive* – snap into the EC planners but they might fit other spiral notebooks too
  • Large eraser *exclusive* – because life is about learning from your mistakes
  • Asterisk decorative tape dispenser *sneak peek* – roll out the sparkly stars to decorate your fall calendars
  • Stationery set *exclusive* – gorgeous notecards with silver envelopes