your own personal assistant

Your very own Personal Assistant

If you ever dreamed of having a personal assistant, now you can!

Your Life Assistant

Think about one of the fancy executives at a large company — they would have an executive assistant who keeps all of their information, their schedule, and all of those other key details in one place.

This binder does that
for you!

The best part of having your own life assistant is that it works for you. Below are some suggestions based on how I use my own binder, but remember — this one is yours and yours alone. You can print as many of each page as you want or need. So make it work for you!

Do you want to get rid of the piles of sticky notes and stacks of notepads? This handy Personal Assistant Binder is your solution!

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  • Index Page
  • Medical Summary
  • Book Tracker
  • Month at a Glance
  • 1-page Monthly and 2-page Monthly
  • 1-page Weekly
  • Annual and Quarterly Checklists
  • Goal Setting
  • Travel Planner
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Gift Tracking
  • three mood trackers
  • Shopping Wish List
  • Side Hustle Tracking
  • Savings Tracker
  • Notes
  • Checklists
  • Mind Map

A few quick notes about some of the pages:
~ Index > This index is more helpful than you might think at first glance. It will help set up the flow of your assistant binder. I color-code my calendar based on type of activity and whose activity it is. The mood colors are for any of your mood trackers that you choose to use. You can use whatever colors and symbols will make the most sense to you for the items in your list – again, this is your life assistant!
~ My Year in Colors > It’s so neat at the end of the month or quarter or year to look back and see the range of colored squares. Will you be able to discern a pattern in your graph???
~ Gift Tracking > I actually keep two of these, one for gifts throughout the year and one for the holidays. Just a little tip — If I get an invite to a gift-giving event, I write the person on the list so that I can remember to get them the gift.
~ Annual Checklist AND Quarterly Checklist > I have to admit – I love these lists! I know the annual one seems long, however it has twelve items. If you complete one task a month, you’ll finish it by the end of the year! The quarterly list is a few of items that should be done every four months (like a car oil change), so if you just complete one a month on rotation, you’ll stay on top of things that usually fall through the cracks.
~ Savings tracking > With this tracker, you can set your target amount, write in how much you save per month and color as you save! If you fill it, congratulations!!! Print another one and start again!
~ Side hustle tracking page > It seems having just one source of income these days is risky. Many people have started developing “side hustles” in order to pay off debt or provide them a little extra financial security. I enjoying keeping this sheet handy so I can see just how my hard work is paying off outside of my day job. Not to mention it easily tracks expenses for that fun tax time every year.