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Organizing for Healthy Living

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So this happens to be the Ultimate Bundle that got me hooked on their products several years ago, and it is still one of my favorites! Every time it comes out, I get my copy as soon as I can. And I know you will want to buy it too!

Look at everything you receive!

For only $37, you can have 43 products right at your fingertips!
> 20 eBooks
> 18 eCourses & Summits
> 5 Printables & Workbooks

These are worth over $1900. And certainly don’t forget those cheat sheets!

Getting organized can include organizing your health. Organization can and should permeate almost every aspect of your life. And the truth be told — without a good grip on your own health, how can you organize the other facets in your life?

  • Have you been trying to organize your home health remedies? Check out the Herbs for the Home: Build Your Own Apothecary by Rachel Silves. It even includes a shopping guide and printable labels! What organizer doesn’t love a good printable label?
  • Lately have you been working on “cleaning up” your food? You could really benefit from Erin Chase’s Intentional Bites Planner: A Meal Planner and Food Journal. It is an awesome, especially if you have been working through some elimination diets.
  • Do you like to set health goals for yourself? You have to check out Your Best Health Journal by Kim Murphy. Setting small daily goals can help you achieve larger health goals and writing them down helps keep us accountable. It also helps to track food and water intake and the effects that has on your overall health.

Oh and let’s not forget those bonuses! As an early-bird bonus, you can get a free Glow Pure Radiance Serum from Orglamix. I’ve already ordered my essential oil trio from Vinevida and my two handmade treats from MadeOn Skincare.

The true beauty of this bundle! Some of the eBooks and eCourses will have a lot of appeal right now, and some won’t. But you can have lifetime access to everything so when things change, you’ll have a bunch of resources available. It’s like your own personal healthy living library! Not to mention, there are 15 resources alone that are worth as much or more than the cost of the bundle itself. So, even though you won’t use every resource in the bundle, it would still be really hard to not save a ton of money anyway.

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meal planning

Meal Planning

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Meal planning and organization go hand-in-hand! If you aren’t meal planning, you are losing time and money at the same time.

About two years ago, I started meal planning for my family. In just the first week, I saw a difference in my grocery bill as well as the amount of time I had. I started packing all of the lunches in Sunday afternoons and weekday mornings changed forever! The dinner planning literally put money in my pocket. I could make the most of my pantry and freezer and just add what we absolutely needed, primarily fresh dairy and produce. I was able to plan meals according to what I already had available and what was on sale at the store.

11 Cookbooks
15 Meal Plans
9 eCourses
11 eBooks
10 Printables
1 Membership
1 Summit

48 hours!

What an amazing set of resources for such a great price of $37! Meal planning can put that cash right back into your pocket!

My personal favorites from this awesome bundle:

  • Grocery Savings PowerPack eCourse – because who doesn’t love to save money
  • How to Meal Plan eCourse – a great course if you are brand-new to meal planning
  • Meal Planning Success Kit printable – I keep track so I don’t duplicate meals too often
  • The Healthy Lunch Box eBook – great ideas and tips for kids and adults alike

Why do any of us want to be more organized? In order to maximize our resources! Planning ahead for your family’s meals will save you both time and money, and you can never really have too much of either resource. I saw such a drop in my grocery bill not to mention the time I got back. No more buying chicken tenderloins when I already know I have a bag in the big freezer, and no more scrambling to make multiple lunches on a Tuesday morning.

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