Wedding Bells - managing your people

Wedding Bells: Managing Your People (Part 1)

Oh my gosh, so many things to organize for a wedding!  This month we’ll be talking about the basics of wedding organizing, including Managing Your People, Managing Your Money, Managing Your Events, and Managing Your Time.  I do want to mention that we’re going to discuss the basics, however there is nothing set in stone for wedding plans.  If you want to elope, do it!  (Please note, if you want to blow your inheritance, I do advise checking with your parents and siblings.  Ha!)

I wanted to start with Managing Your People.  We can get distracted by the dress and flowers and cake, however the people are the part to stay focused on.  Admittedly, I have been married twice now and I can honestly say that things went wrong with each one.  It’s inevitable that something will not happen according to plan.  But that is actually okay if you focus on the people that you care about.

Just remember – at the end of that day, you will be married regardless of anything else!

After you get your breath back from seeing that sparkling diamond and you sit down to start planning, start with the people.  The wedding party plus the family and friends that will complete the day — those are the people to focus on.  Those are the faces that you will want to see during your day and in the photos for years to come.

  • How many attendants do you want to have?  What about your fiancée?
  • Do you need to decide on other folks, such as flower girl or guest book attendant or ring bearer?
  • Who will be hosting and attending the different events that will be a part of this celebration?
  • Who will be sitting in the family aisle(s) at the ceremony?
  • And of course, the (in)famous guest list.  At the beginning stages, it’s best to just brainstorm the list.  Don’t try to narrow anything down until you’ve nailed down the budget and possibly the venues as well.  Those will be your limiting outside factors.

Etsy wedding planner

To stay as organized as possible, I recommend using a planner to keep everything in one place!