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The holidays are coming – Travel (part 4)

“Oh the places you’ll go”.

Dr. Seuss

I realize that holiday travel didn’t really exist last year and may not exist this year depending on how everything progresses between now and the holiday season.  However, if you are able to do so safely, you might just be packing a suitcase and headed off somewhere.

Even if your holidays don’t include a suitcase, sometimes the in-town travel can be hectic as well.  When you have multiple houses to visit in a small period of time, it can be challenging.  Brunch at a friend’s followed by lunch at your aunt’s, and then dinner with the grandparents.  It can feel like you need a suitcase just to get through the day!

Travel planning is essential!

Planning and organizing is the key to smooth travel, whether you are going 15 miles or 1500 miles.

I could not travel without my packing list(s).  I like to roughly sketch out what I think I will be doing every day and then pack accordingly.  Most of the time I don’t take too many “just in case” items but it depends on the travel plans.  I like double-duty clothing and double-duty toiletries just to reduce what I have to fit into my luggage.

Traveling in town?

If your travel is just around town to multiple stops, truly consider packing a bag.  Maybe not a full suitcase, but it could be helpful especially with young kids.  Maybe an extra set of clothing just in case of spills, definitely entertainment of some sort, and always a small token for the host or hostess.  Plus, if this is the holidays, you might also be lugging presents around as well.

Traveling out of town?

If you are going to be traveling by plane with presents, I strongly urge you to ship them ahead of time.  No one wants to stand in the airport and watch security unwrap those beautiful packages.  I love shipping the big box ahead of time to my mom’s so that I don’t have to fit all those packages into my suitcase.  (Side Note = Also remember to either leave space in your luggage or plan to ship a package back in case you receive gifts that don’t fit easily.)

Whether you are celebrating with loved ones in person or Zoom, let’s get ready for the season!