Inspiration and Motivation for your Planner

When you think about your planner, what inspires you in your designs and decorations? How do you find your inspiration? What motivates you to keep it accurate and up-to-date? Whether you use a pre-printed planner, a plain dot-grid journal, or a collection of printables — we all add our own mark to our planner system!

Where do you look for your planner inspiration?

When you sit down, how do you decide on the month’s theme or layout?  Do you base your designs and decorations on the season?  On the holiday of month?  On a personal event happening in that month?  If you’re like me, it’s all over the map depending on what I have planned for the month.

  • A lot of the time mine is based on the time of year – floral for spring, beautiful leaves for autumn.  But if I have a particularly big event in a month, I might switch it up.  In April of this year, I have a family wedding to attend so the design might include doves or wedding bells.
  • While electronic organization has it’s advantages, I almost always circle back to organizing in paper.  If for no other reason than I love my stickers and washi tapes!
  • I’ve even mixed up the mood trackers based on the overall design on the month.  If you aren’t integrating a mood tracker, you should give it a try!

How do you stay motivated to use your planner?

When life gets busy, productivity and habits can start to fall by the wayside.  How do you stay on track with using your planner?

  • When I started my first bullet journal, I actually put “bujo” as one of the habits in my habit tracker!  It helped me build the habit that is now instilled in me (for the most part).
  • Having all your journaling habits and supplies in place makes it so much easier to accomplish your planner goals.
  • For a little help or inspiration, check out these planner habit suggestions to cement it as part of your daily life.

A collection of ideas and designs – check them out!

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Here are just a few products to give you some ideas and inspiration for your journaling.  Some of them are brand-new products and some of them are just my favorite products!

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Journaling in June Part #2: Tracking

In addition to being a terrific way to schedule your time, a bullet journal is a great place to utilize all of those amazing trackers.  So very many things can be tracked, it’s hard to know where to start!  From your calendar, to celebrations, entertainment, faith, financial, food, health, hobbies, household maintenance, kids, pets, self-care, to-do lists, and even work.

When I was working on giving up my Dr Pepper habit, I used a water tracker.  It helped me focus on increasing my water intake instead of decreasing my soda drinking.  It was a mindset that really worked!

If you are working on debt reduction, tracking your extra payments to the different vendors can help keep you on track.  You can also keep a list of what bills are due on what days so nothing incurs a late fee.

What about weight loss?  It’s sort of a reversed tracker but it is still a great motivator to see your progress.  If you use it in combination with a mood tracker, you might even be able to pinpoint “high risk” moods or times that could jeopardize your weight loss.

Sign up below for access to the library – you can find a great list of over 100 things to track as well as several printable mood trackers.

Over 100 things to track in your bullet journal
Mood tracker
Beautiful printable mood tracker