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Do you plan out your gifting – for the holidays and for the year?

Is it just me, or does everyone plan gifts in advance?  Not every gift is planned out; every so often I come across something that I just have to get for someone.  But I love my gift tracker pages!  It comes in so handy for planning when I need to get the nephews’ gift cards or the mother-in-law’s scarf.  Not to mention how wonderful it is during the holiday season.  Especially if you tend to buy gifts throughout the year, it’s terrific for keeping up with what you’ve already bought.  You can also take advantage of sales when they happen throughout the year and just mark down what you’ve stashed away.  (Erin Condren seasonal surprise boxes, Paper Me Pretty stationery subscription, and Current Catalog card sets, I’m looking at you!)  Whether you are planning for birthdays at any time during the year or the holiday season specifically, the whole process is so much easier when you plan ahead!

Within the first five pages of my planner, I always include these Year at a Glance and Year in Color pages.

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Download your Year at a Glance and Year in Color today!

2022 Year at a Glance and Year in Color
is your planner ready

Is your 2022 planner ready to go?

It’s October and 2022 is right around the corner.  I’ve already started next year’s planner!  I love checking out what options are available from my favorite places like Erin Condren but I also like to shop around for other items.  Some of my favorites include Sunshine Sticker Company, Planner Kate, Coco and Opal, and Paper Planner Club.  It’s always so much fun to decorate with the tabs and stickers!

But the first thing you should do is sketch out what you want your planner to look like for 2022.  Do you want to focus on your financial goals?  Do you need to improve your calendar system?  Do you want to keep better track of birthdays?  Do you want to start journaling?  Do you need to focus on project planning?  Do you want to start a home business?  Once you decide a path for 2022, you can fill in the pages that you will need.

If you want a full printable planner, check out this beautiful 2022 dated planner!  So much easier than dating or making your own!  It includes a full annual calendar, Year at a Glance, dated monthly pages, a weekly planner page, a project planner page, a bill payment page, and two different notes pages.  You’ll be ready for the entire year!

Get your printable calendar today!
Get your printable calendar today!

Within the first five pages of my planner, I always include these Year at a Glance and Year in Color pages.

2022 Year at a Glance and Year in Color
Journaling - Habits and Supplies

Journaling in June Part #4: Habits and Supplies

Some things are suited for electronic form, such as a list you plan to share with someone else or a list of links that you want to be able to easily click on.  However, I find that for my purposes I like the paper versions especially for scheduling, tracking, and gratitude.

I have been stockpiling some of my supplies, waiting for the chance to get to use them!

Speaking of stickers, I highly encourage you to check out some of these brands that are just waiting for you:

Notes, Weekly, Monthly Printables
Notes, Weekly, Monthly Printables

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planner supplies and Erin Condren haul

New planner supplies + Erin Condren haul

Oh my gosh, so many lovely things to share with you! I really hope you were able to snag your very own Erin Condren 2021 Spring Surprise box because I am in love with everything in it. So much fun to treat myself to the exclusive products and colors. If you haven’t received or opened your box yet, be forewarned that spoilers are below.

Erin Condren 2021 Spring Surprise Box
Erin Condren 2021 Spring Surprise Box
  • The beautiful Daily Focus Journal is an exclusive to the box. It contains 3 months of daily journaling with weekly reflections, note pages, and reflection pages.
  • The Mid Century Circles Mesh Tote Bag is so pretty! I can’t wait for the farmer’s markets to open for the season so I can take this with me.
  • The Daily Planning Notepad is so amazing! It has a huge to-do list down one side, a section for your top 3 priorities, a dot grid area, and of course a notes section.
  • These Watercolor Stickers have me excited to decorate something. The watercolor circles and swooshes are so pretty — I want to use them and save them!
  • I am a big fan of color-coding my layouts, and these Gemstone Fine Tip Markers are perfect. The purple, pink, and green are so pretty, and exclusive to the box!
  • Another exclusive to the box, the fun and sparkly Sunglasses and Mask Chain is so handy. Do you lose your reading glasses? Do you take your face mask on and off during the day? This was made for you!
  • The Vegan Leather Mini Monthly Adhesive Tabs are a gorgeous teal which is exclusive to the box however the rose gold ones that are available are beautiful as well.
Erin Condren Wonder Woman

In addition to my terrific Spring Surprise Box, I also got my hands on a pair of Wonder Woman goodies. I have notebooks for all kinds of lists, and this fabulous new Wonder Woman Productivity Petite Journal is a lined journal with built-in to-do lists.

Plus, who doesn’t love Wonder Woman stickers!?!? “Pow!”

They make me embrace the catchphrase – Do All The Things.

Steel Mill & Co Planner Set from FabFitFun

I also have to mention planner-related FabFitFun goodies too. As part of my quarterly subscription box, I received two double-ended highlighters which are so handy for my layouts, a fun pack of flower stickers that will perk up all my spring layouts, and an un-dated daily planner. I love that it’s undated so that if I don’t need to use it every day, I don’t waste any space.

Erin Condren LifePlanner
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my Erin Condren spring surprise box

I am ready for my spring surprise!

As I write this, I am bundled up on the couch in a blanket sandwich (one between me and the couch and another tucked around me). I have just come back inside from freeing my poor car from its terrible ice cage. Now I know that some people live in states where they have this kind of winter every year. But I live in Dallas, Texas! It’s not normal here!

So who else is ready for spring?

Erin Condren is ready!

I can’t wait for my Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Surprise Box!

These boxes are filled with such beautiful treats every time I’ve gotten one.
They are valued at over $80 and only cost $40 plus free shipping. The box will include seasonal exclusives and sneak peeks so that you can plan your bright and beautiful spring.
And they sell out fast, folks! I’ve already ordered mine and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.