declutter your inbox

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Now for the quick list! I know this is a quick version, but the mini ebook has a lot of helpful explanations and details and tips!

  • Personal Emails
    1. Unsubscribe to emails you just don’t find yourself ever opening
    2. Try using subfolders to keep things more organized
    3. Clean it out to avoid digital clutter
    4. Be selective about who gets your email address
    5. Don’t let checking emails take over your time
  • Work Emails
    1. Again, try using subfolders to keep things organized
    2. Categories! Color code and organize by Category
    3. Rules! Set up rules to sort emails automatically
    4. Follow Up! Set reminders for yourself to follow up
    5. Quick Steps! One-click little jobs like sorting emails or using an email template


  1. […] Cell phones, FitBits, laptops, smart TVs, desktops, tablets, and the list goes on. How much time to we spend staring at these electronic screens? Is your life such that you could build in some electronic-free time? Even just 30 minutes in an afternoon to take a walk and listen to the birds or color a picture with actual pen and paper. Just the sheer volume of emails in our Inbox can be enough to overwhelm us. Try unsubscribing to ones you never read and see what that little step can do to declutter one tiny area. (For more tips about managing your Inbox, sign up for your mini ebook and check out 10 Ways to Declutter Your Email) […]

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